Special Live Auction Event!

Internationally-renowned artist BC Nowlin has generously donated Define to be auctioned live at Starry Night 2018. This is a rare opportunity to bid on an original BC Nowlin oil painting and add this stunning 36" x 48" original work of art to your personal collection.


Click on the painting to enlarge.

Bruce Carlton (B.C.) Nowlin was born in 1949 in Alameda, New Mexico. He spent his childhood on the edge of the Sandia Pueblo Reservation. His teenage mother spent her early years in the Laguna Pueblo earning her the Indian name “Little Bird”. His father, Duke, worked in Albuquerque at a highly classified government job. B.C.’s Native-American friends gave him the symbol; the bird-and-moon, a calligraphic logo he signs to every piece of artwork.

His southwestern roots and his intimate relationship with Native American history and culture have a strong influence on his work. His paintings are vibrant and intense. His use of color and imagination is exceptional. Each piece is filled with emotion and illustrates a journey, both for him and his paintings. His work often portrays universal places filled with mystery and spirituality and tribes of every nation moving towards brighter destinations.

B. C.’s work has grown with the times. His work is exhibited in collections from Hewlett-Packard and the Discovery Channel to the Palace collection of Costa Rica. He has produced several unique, once-only showings of theme-works, such as the “Women in the West”, a masked ‘desert’ event in Contemporary Southwest Gallery in Santa Fe in 1996, and “Vessels”, part of a series of the two-man shows, in which Nowlin is billed as two different artists exhibiting distinctly different sets of images. His works have gained the attention of celebrity collectors such as Tanya Tucker, Robert Plant and Sophia Loren. B. C.’s artworks have been featured in Jay Leno monologues and are familiar worldwide as album covers and Hollywood set-pieces. Nowlin is also gaining attention as a writer. His twenty-year project, “The Fifth Gospel” is about to be released.

His inspiration and passion often comes from his motorcycle. A daily ride to the nearby Murphy’s Mule Barn Café for conversation, newspapers and coffee start his day of artistic endeavors. He lives in a 110-year old adobe house with his wife and children.


Featured Caricature Artist Peter Menice:

Creating unique memories of Starry Night for our lucky guests!

Peter Menice
Owner, Indelible Joy Live Caricature Events.


Cartoonist, thinker, family man and eternal beach bum, Peter is a social entrepreneur who aims to align people with their heart, passion and unique story. Peter is the award winning editorial cartoonist for the Hull Times, former editorial cartoonist for the Boston Globe, author of the book: "The Green House Comics- Back To The Drawing Board" or "There's Something Stirring In The Compost Bin!" with fellow cartoonist, Brad Gilchrist. When he is not creating memorable, magical moments through his heart crafted caricatures and cartoon presentations, he can be seen hanging out with his wife and kids, finding new recipes to put chiles into, and getting his beach fix while hopping around barefoot in his back yard avoiding goatheads.

You can see his work locally on the walls of Carrie Tingley Hospital where he painted 7 murals, on the cover of this Summer's edition of "Express" the official magazine of New Mexico Rail Runner,  inside Travelhost Albuquerque magazine and on these fine sites: www.petermenice.com, facebook, and Instagram.


Our diamond giveaway was such a hit last year that we are offering it again this year, only better.

Choose one of our limited edition of 100 signed and numbered margarita glasses hand painted by Patty Kruger. This original work of art is easily worth the $20 you'll pay, but there's more! We'll fill your glass with a margarita. And there's still more...

The biggest treat of all is that you'll find either a cubic zirconia or a REAL DIAMOND attached to your glass. And we're not just giving away one diamond, WE'RE GIVING AWAY SEVERAL, both big and small. Maybe you'll want to increase your changes by buying more than one margarita, but the number is limited so come early and choose your "Glitz in a Glass!"

This Year's Venue: Historic Casa Vieja Event Center

Embodying the rich culture and heritage of the Southwest,
Casa Vieja Event Center serves as a window into the past.

We are pleased to host this year's Starry Night event in the heart of Corrales and welcome you to join us in this treasured and distinctive setting

This authentic, New Mexican hacienda features over 5000 square feet of beautiful event space for up to 100+ guests. Located in the Village of Corrales, Casa Vieja Event Center, offers old world charm in an intimate setting. Each room is decorated with locally sourced art, furniture and antiques, in keeping with the building’s architecture and charm. Originally built in 18th century, Casa Vieja is Albuquerque’s premier historic event space.

Casa Vieja is on the New Mexico State Register of Cultural Properties and has a Cultural Historical Designation and plaque recognizing its’ rich history from the Corrales Historical Society.

Visit casaviejaevents.com to learn more about the history of this fascinating and delightful  venue!

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